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meet NEW precleanse balm

A deep-cleansing, balm-to-oil cleanser that melts away impurities and make-up from skin.

precleanse balm

balm-to-oil emulsifyer

Deep-cleansing balm-to-oil melts away impurities and make-up from skin. Achieve cleaner, healthier-looking skin with the Double Cleanse regimen that begins with PreCleanse Balm.
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"nice to mitt you"

Both PreCleanse Balm sizes come with a handy Cleansing Mitt for mild exfoliation. Massage the product into dry skin using circular motions for an extra deep cleaning before you cleanse.

double cleanse = double clean

Did you know that oil attracts oil? By using an oil-based product prior to cleansing, you remove impurities such as make-up and debris so that your cleanser can penetrate into the skin for a deeper clean. We call it the Dermalogica Double Cleanse.
Here's how it works:



Use PreCleanse Balm or PreCleanse to remove product buildup and other pollutants from the skin. Start with dry skin, then add water to emulsify, and rinse.



Wash your face with your cleanser to remove remaining traces of PreCleanse Balm or PreCleanse, and achieve a professional level of clean, radiant skin.

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precleanse balm

Deep-cleansing balm-to-oil melts away impurities and make-up from skin. Achieve cleaner, healthier-looking skin with the Double Cleanse regimen that begins with PreCleanse Balm. This water-activated, balm-to-oil version of our top-selling oil cleanser deconstructs layers of excess sebum (oil), waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual product buildup on skin. Use the included cleansing mitt to thoroughly cleanse debris from the skin’s surface, allowing your recommended Dermalogica Cleanser to deliver more effective cleansing results. The Natural Biolipid Complex locks in hydration and reinforces the skin barrier while Apricot Kernel Oil helps nourish skin. Ideal for normal to dry skin. Safe for use around the eye area. Formulated without artificial fragrances or colors.

  • paraben
  • gluten
  • cruelty
  • Vegan
  • no artificial fragrances
    and colours


Removes excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, make-up and pollutants. Dissolves buildup without compromising the skin barrier or clogging pores. Smoothes, calms and nourishes the skin.

how to use

Squeeze tube to dispense product onto cleansing mitt or directly to dry palm of hand. Massage product into dry skin using circular motions. Add water to emulsify. Rinse and follow with recommended Dermalogica Cleanser to complete the Dermalogica Double Cleanse. Store at room temperature.

quick tip

Use included double-sided Cleansing Mitt for mild exfoliation.

Caring for your PreCleanse Balm Mitt
We developed our Cleansing Mitt to be as flexible as possible to ensure you get the best possible double cleanse each time you use it. To achieve this level of flexibility we had to use a special silicone, that makes the mitt a bit more delicate. With this in mind, please be very gentle with the mitt as it can tear relatively easy, especially if hanging it up to dry on the PreCleanse Balm (it can easily catch on the sharp edges of the tube).

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5 out of 5
436 out of 440 - This product has a 99 % approval rating.
  • Beautiful product
    THis product is amazing for general use, it does not feel lharsh on my older skin and leaves it super soft . Also I work as a facepaint artist and this removes difficult colours so easily! My kids are happy to model for me and they get a reward face massage when it needs to be removed. Love it!
    Steph Kendall
  • Immediate results!
    Really enjoying this product, my skin is visibly more radiant and clear. The cleansing mitt is a great addition and feels like a mini face massager.
    I love this stuff more than anything!
    Especially as I love doing dramatic makeup looks it just melts it all away easily and in seconds when I'm done! Thank goodness, say goodbye to me being to lazy to remove it haha
  • Best face makeup remover!
    I love using this product to remove my face makeup u fortunately my eyes are too sensitive for using this to remove mascara and will sting and water really bad around 5 minutes after using. I don’t wear makeup often so I love using this every second or third day just to really cleanse my face. It has improved the texture of my skin significantly!!
  • Love this product
    Super smooth & hydrating to use.. skin felt instantly better.
  • Quick makeup removal
    I found this excellent at removing my makeup, even waterproof mascara, with ease. A lovely product to use and very effective
  • This is awesome
    This leaves your skin cleaner and visibly looking better after use. Really like the balm and the handy mitt it comes with.
  • Brilliant product!
    I have been double cleansing for a while but no oil has worked as well or left my skin feeling so fresh or soft than the precleanse balm. I love the mitt too!
    The balm is very sensitive to temperature and I have noticed leakage at times or the need to turn the tube upside down but this doesn't change my satisfaction with it! Love!!
  • 5/5
    Would definitely recommend this product. Gets rid of all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft.
    Amazing product helped remove all my make up before I cleanse. It even gets my waterproof mascara off.

  • New fave!!
    This product is so so good! My new fave! My skin feels so clean, comfortable and soft after using this and all my makeup is gone. The little mitt that comes with it is an added bonus too!
  • Effective but stings around the eyes
    After using the Pre Cleanse oil for years I was super excited to try the Balm, for the convenience when travelling more than anything else. I've been using it happily for a couple of months in conjunction with another eye make-up remover. Recently I've used it a few times to remove my eye make-up as well but have noticed a stinging sensation afterwards that makes my eyes water badly, and I've needed to get out of bed and wash my eyes out. Still love it for removing make up off the rest of my face but wouldn't recommend it for the eye area.
  • How did I live without it!
    I love how this product melts my makeup away, allowing my cleanser to do its own job. My skin feels so soft and looks smoother than ever since using this every night.
  • A big YES
    This is definitely a must have and will now become a regularly purchased item. It is truely wonderful.
  • Highly recommended
    Im a pre cleanser convert after receiving this as a sample. Gets makeup off and leaves your skin moisturised and soft. Try this or precleanse as a sample product. I have tried both and highly recommend both.
  • Makeup be gone
    Love the precleanse balm -I’m traditionally terrible with cleansing my face at night but with this balm and the mit I’m cleansing each night... the most stubborn eye makeup dissolves with ease! I love this product
  • Eye makeup be gone
    I’m terrible with removing make up but the precleanse balm has me removing makeup everynight and it’s such a quick and easy cleanse - I have drying skin so I follow with a water cleanse with a flannel to ensure skin is clean and that works well for me .... no more morning panda eyes! Love this product and the mit is pretty awesome too - you go to bed feeling like your skin is ready for a good nights rest
  • So good!
    This product is absolutely amazing!!
  • Effective
    Very effective, great texture. I found it drying so will stick to precleanse.
  • Beautiful product
    This balm is so nice to use. It is super gentle yet so effective. Just melts on the skin. Highly recommend!
  • Amazing
    Skin felt amazing after using this product, very easy to use and travel with!
  • Preclease oil was great this is even better
    I've been using preclease oil for a while now and love how it gets all my makeup off. Precleanse balm is even better: removes all traces of dirt but much easier to use in cream form and using it with the mitt feels great.
  • I am sold
    I have been using the pre cleanse oil for a good 2+ years now but once i tried this i knew i was converted. Love how its good for travel as it won't leak and also love the mit. Makes my skin feel great.
  • Helpful product!
    Such a lovely surprise to get the sample in the mail. Have loved pre-cleanse oil - great to use at night when cant be bothered to remove make up!! A little goes a long way - look forward to using the balm - another great product thank you :)
  • nice
    Gotta love it
  • Might be a convert
    I'm a long time lover of precleanse and use it all the time. I tried a sample of the precleanse balm just to see what it was like and I have to admit I might be swapping - it felt lovely to put on and does seem to go further than the precleanse oil. It works as well, if not better, than the oil. So when my precleanse oil runs out I think I'm going for the balm.
  • Great product!
    Love this new product. Great for my dry skin. Definitely adding this one to my shopping list!
  • Love this!
    I received a sample in the mail and it's great, love it and have purchased it. My skin looked noticeably better after using this
  • Skin ultra clean and hydrated
    I love this new cleanser. Skin feels ultra clean but still really hydrated after using. Much less messy than using the pre cleans oil although I do miss the lovely smell of the oil.
  • Love it!
    Once again, Dermalogica has outperformed itself!
  • Fantastic
    Was a lovely surprise to receive the sample in the mail.
    Yet another great product, love how the balm removes my makeup and makes my skin feel lovely and smooth - a winner.
  • Love love love!
    I am so glad there is now a Dermalogica balm to oil precleanse, I love the oil precleanse but find the packaging can get a little messy after a while and leave oil marks where it sits in my bathroom.
    I have tried the sample of the balm to oil (and purchased the full size) and love it, packaging is great and leaves my skin still fresh and clean like the oil precleanse
  • Wow, so good
    I've been a fan of the precleanse oil and this is better again. Being a balm you don't get the mess and waste of a runny oil so you can control how much you need. Was effective at getting off makeup, particularly stubborn mascara. The smaller size is going to be super to travel with, no worries with oil leaking.
  • Another great precleanse
    When you think that it can't get any better than the original dermalogica precleanse it does, this works wonders on my skin and doesn't cause irritation. Great product
  • A makeup remove that works
    I used a sample of precleanse balm to remove heavy stage makeup after a show performance. The makeup came off easily and removed all my eye makeup including eyelash glue which was great. It was soft on the skin and didn't irritate the sensitive eye area. Nice that it's a balm rather than a liquid so you get the right amount of product you need.
  • Love it
    Love this product and will definitely purchase once old stuff used up
  • Love this product!
    Ok, I'm sold. I can't believe how good my skin feels afterwards. It really gets rid of all the makeup and the day.
  • Awesomeness!
    I was so excited to try the Pre-cleanse sample I received...Wow!
    The Balm is easy to apply with the handy cleansing mitt.
    My skin felt softl yet, thoroughly cleansed without over drying.
    I don't wear make-up, only Sheer Tint Moisturiser but I can gladly say this Pre-cleanse Balm works a treat!
    I'm totally obsessed with this & have noticed the difference in my skin already especially as I have adult acne. I only wish I had taken a before/after picture.
    Dermalogica - your my hero!
  • Rich and lovely
    I am a long time user of pre cleanse so was curious about the new balm. Worked brilliantly and was really lovely to use. Definitely consider moving to this when my original is finished!
  • Pre cleanse wonder
    I received a sample of this product along with the mitt. It is a lovely product that allows your cleansing to go just that little bit deeper and with the mitt it leaves your skin feeling tingling and fresh.
    A great product!
  • Love this product
    I have been using the original Pre Cleanser for years and was skeptical that I would like the balm but I have been pleasantly surprised. Even more surprised at how far a small amount goes with using the mitt. I am very happy with the new product.
  • Great product
    I've been using the original PreCleanse oil for quite a while now and received a couple of free samples of the PreCleanse Balm so haven't tried it with the mitt, but I'll definitely be purchasing this to replace the oil once my current supply runs out. You only need a really small amount and it does a great gob. I do find the oil a bit messy and easy to spill - I think the balm is easier to use and will be better for travel.
  • Amazing new product
    The sample I received was amazing, great at the end of the day for removing makeup and refreshing my skin.
  • Feels beautiful on my skin
    Love this product! Feels so soft and beautiful on the skin and a fantastic precleanse !
  • Might be a new fave
    I've used pre-cleanse oil for a few years now, and love it, but it is a bit difficult to travel with, I tend to get it in my eyes trying to get my eye makeup off and it stings a bit. The balm is great - not such a strong scent, doesn't sting my eyes and isn't so messy. I just opened a new bottle of the oil before the balm came out, but once it's gone I might get the balm!
  • Amazing New Product
    After using this and a cleanser my skin feels so refreshed and ready for the day. At the end of the day it simply melts away my make-up, even waterproof make-up!! It is a fantastic product, I now want to buy a full sized tube!!
  • nice
    Received a sample of it, enjoyed it, though am unsure if I feel compelled to buy it for regular use.
  • LOVE the new Balm!
    Really gets rid off any impurities and great for removing make-up at the end of the day. Leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.
  • What a treat!
    I received a free sample of this product. What a pleasure to use, the smell, the feel on my skin, wow! I can tell it takes off my make up really effectively. Love it.
  • Awesome!
    Thought it was amazing! My make up felt like it melted off so easily and I only needed a small amount. I followed up with my cleanser and my face felt so nice and clean. Definitely recommend.
  • Totally sold
    Loved how easily it cleansed my skin. I love the mitt, it allows any make up to melt away! Brilliant product!
  • I prefer THE original
    Precleanse balm is brilliant like its original (the oil). I have been using precleanse since it's launched about 10 years ago (?), and am still in love with it. Balm is fantastic, especially for travelling (less worry to make a mess in a bag). But one thing... I much prefer the fragrance of its original (oil). :)
    Beauty Freak
  • Great product!
    I'm a long time user of the pre cleanse oil and love the product, this new balm is even easier to use and great for traveling - another fantastic product I will definitely use
  • Pre-cleanse Balm
    Great new product! Melts away makeup, sunscreen and daily wear to leave a well cleansed soft skin. Excellent base for moisturiser etc.
  • Wow!
    Thanks for the sample of the Pre Cleanse Balm and mitt - loved it! Even better (if that's possible!) than the Pre Cleanse oil.
    My skin felt great - clean , smooth and make up free. Will definitely be purchasing!
  • love it
    Love the smell and texture of the balm. Have a very dry skin, but my skin feels amazing after using the precleanse balm.
  • Love love love!!
    Loved the original precleanse but this goes one step further! Love the way it feels when applied and it left my skin feeling so silky smooth afterwards. Highly recommend!
  • Perfect for travel!
    I love the original pre-cleanse oil and this is just as good with less chance of spilling when I travel. Great product!
  • Great product
    I have been using the original precleanse for years but will be switching to the balm. It's easy to apply, feels lovely on the skin and suits my slightly dry skin. Recommend!
  • feels lovely!
    gets rid of makeup, smells beautiful and leaves skin fresh and clean- couldn't ask for more!
  • Amazing
    Amazing product so easy to use before jumping in the shower, will be purchasing this tonight
  • PreCleanse Balm
    I received a trial sample of this and tried it out on a night when I had worn full makeup during the day. Used it before my regular cleanser and it was very nice. Would be perfect for people who maybe rely on wipes too much and don't go for deep cleaning, so would recommend!
  • Love it!
    Love this product! It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling great and not irritated at all. My new favourite Demalogica product!
  • Great product
    I recieved a sample of this and loved it. It removed my makeup easily and left my skin feeling great afterwards. I will definitely be buying it
  • Fabulous product
    Loved this product, it made my skin lovely and soft. Will definitely add to my skin care regime.
  • New product - LOVE
    I tried a sample of this new balm and it was groundbreaking! Ive always been a big fan of the pre-cleanse but this product is far easier to use as the viscosity allows for this product to be distributed over the face far more easily.

    love this product xx
  • Love it
    I didn't think it could get much better than the original pre-cleanse but this product has definitely left me impressed! Love the feeling of it on my skin and really feel like it preps my skin for cleaning and moisturising.
  • Love this product
    Feels beautiful on the skin and leaves it looking and feeling great!
  • Wonderful product!
    I have just tried a sample of Pre Cleanse Balm and I am sold! After being a long time fan of Pre Cleanse Oil Cleanser I didnt imagine this product would exceed my expectations but it has. Removes makeup brilliantly and much easier to apply than the oil - plus will be a better travel companion in my opinion. Well done Dermalogica! I reckon this will be getting a Beauty Award soon!
  • 5 out 5
    I was using the precleanse oil and got this sample in the mail. Loved it so easy to use, skin felt great, not dry at all. Will definitely get this new product next.
  • Loved it
    Passed a sample onto friend who loved the product, and said they will add to their skin care routine!
  • Amazing
    Love the product. My skin felt clean, soft and supple after using it. I've got combination/oily skin and it did not feel heavy or make my skin feel more oily.
  • Love the extra moisturising qualities
    I love this product. It helps keep my very dry skin moist even after cleansing.
  • Love this!
    Received a sample of this (thanks Dermalogica!) and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to buy the full size.
  • A new staple
    I fell in love with this balm from the tester and purchased it the day it was released! It's so effective at removing makeup and feels like I'm giving my skin an extra treat. This will now be a part of my everyday routine.
  • Very nice!
    I especially like using this product at the end of the day. It dissolves my make up easily and felt great jumping into bed with fresh clean skin.
    Thank you for this amazing product! I love using it daily before I cleanse. I love the little mitt!
  • A gentle cleanser
    Great product.
  • Great for dry skin
    I was using the precleanse before this product came out. This precleanse balm is so nice to use for my dry skin! Really good for removing sunblock and heavy make up without over-drying my skin. Will keep using this one :)
  • So nice for my skin
    It is lovely, really nice on the skin and doesn't dry your skin out when rinsed off. Definitely buying the big size next
  • Great Product
    I received a sample of this to try, and will definitely buy the full size product. Its makes taking your make up off so easy but also leaving your skin extremely smooth would highly recommend.
  • Another great product!
    love it!!! Although I use the pre-cleanse oil the balm offered just that extra bit of luxury for my winter dry skin. Will definitely change to this when my oil runs out!
  • Love it x
    Love this product - takes off the makeup brilliantly. Did think "precleanse???" initially, but OMG wouldn't be without.
  • Pre cleanse balm
    I really loved this product. It feels so soothing on my skin and I loved the melt away texture. My skin feels extra clean and it will be an ongoing favourite in my routine.
  • new wow product
    I love Dermalogica - I love the excitement when I receive a sample to try and I especially love when the sample becomes a wow product - and precleanse balm is definitely a wow product and one that will become part of my beauty regime - took my make-up off just a well as precleanse does but along with the mitt it left me skin feeling fantastic and was easier to use - thank you Dermalogica
  • Divine!
    Received the sample (thanks Dermalogica!) loved this product - the little cleansing mit feels amazing and makeup just melts away I love pre-cleanse already but this will be my new go to!❤️❤️
  • Truely amazing
    I got a sample of this to try and now cant wait to buy it. It is super creamy once it warms on your skin and feels so nice. Heaps nicer to use compared to the pre cleanse oil and it seems so go futher than the oil. I love it, its my favourite dermalogica yet!
  • Love it
    I received a sample of this and will definitely be buying the full size when available. I felt like my makeup melted off making it so much easier to remove. I followed with the cream cleanser but the majority of my makeup was removed on the first wash. Lovely new product.

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