Lovelysmiles Professional Teeth Whitening

Lovelysmiles Professional Teeth whitening is NZ’s only pain and sensitivity free teeth whitening system that strengthens the enamel also as it whitens and made here in NZ. This system leaves you with the most comfortable experience unlike other teeth whitening systems and with guaranteed results.

  • Consultation 15 - 30 mins
  • This is deducted off a treatment if one proceeds to book a treatment.

  • 60 minute treatment
  • This package is great for slightly stained teeth, due to lifestyle choices. Consisting of two consecutives 20-minute led light treatments (performed back to back), this service provides effective cosmetic whitening. Great for bringing your whiter smile back.

  • 75 minute treatment
  • This package is great if you have never had whitening done before. In a minimum one hour clinical time, three consecutives 20 minute led light treatments are administered back to back. Best for the yellower shades and heavily stained teeth – it will bring back the whitest smile you’ve seen in a long time.

  • 90 minute treatment
  • This package is our latest and greatest whitening package and perfect if you have heavily stained and brown looking teeth. Generally, people who are heavy smokers or tea, coffee and red wine drinkers will benefit from this package. This package is the best and is not necessarily only for darker shades - it is definitely the ideal package for anyone wanting very significant results.

    You will also benefit from this treatment if you have had medicinal backgrounds (ie tetracycline (antibiotic) staining). Note: to whiten tetracycline staining one may require more than one treatment.

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